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Some responsive websites I've done using Responsive Site Designer and Wordpress. I've earned a reputation as somewhat of a Wordpress problem-solver and explainer for more than a few people. Wordpress is great for many things...user-friendliness for the inexperienced is not one of them.

Custom responsive site for a local Eclectic Resto-Bar created in Coffee Cup's Responsive Site designer.

Professional Director of Photography. A near complete rebuild of old, mobile - unfriendly site using Coffee Cup's Responsive Site designer.

Revamped Wordpress site for local artisan who dyes and creates own wool and fibre arts products. She had originally created it herself, but wanted direction and assistance with de-mystifying Wordpress and CSS.

Revamped Wordpress site for international eyesight charity. They needed new added elements and font changes, with a more fuctional search feature, as well as direction and assistance with de-mystifying Wordpress and CSS.

Local Tea and Wellness biz...custom created responsive website made with Coffee Cup's Responsive Site designer. Has undergone numerous changes in the last 13 years.

Another Wordpress Site created for a local artist/party host/entertainer going by the name of Toronto Mermaids...

Custom Wordpress site and logo for a new restaurant in Elora, Ont.