Mick Taylor
Motion Graphics · Design · Web Stuff

A selection of Motion Graphics using Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.


An explainer detailing the cause and effects of Tsunamis. Maya and After Effects. (With audio)

ATW in 60 rebrand

An Intro to a Weather Network segment called Around the World in 6o Seconds. After Effects.

Hudson's Bay promo

Promo for HBC. Using a heavily-modified After Effects template from Motion Array.

CO2 motion Graph

Graph showing amount of CO2 in atmosphere. AI and After Effects

Peru Adventure

Part of a series of clips showing a trip through Peru. Photoshop and After Effects.

Share Your Weather Intro

Intro using After Effects with a short script to produce the 'puzzle' assembly effect.

Concussion Explainer

Support animation explaining brain injury and concussion